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Quick tips

  • Carpool with colleagues and friends. Using one car to transport four people is much more efficient than using four cars
  • Use public transportation whenever possible. This will save money and help to improve the public transport system. The more people using it, the better it will get. Fewer cars on the road will make public transport more efficient too
  • If your work hours are flexible, consider working four 10-hour days a week instead of five eight-hour days, to save a day’s commute each week
  • Don't leave unnecessary items in the car or the boot - everytime you travel in the car you are wasting fuel transporting these items too. It all adds up over time
  • Reduce your speed - most vehicles are most fuel efficient between 50 and 55 mph. Fuel efficiency drops rapidly with increases in speed. It can cost you up to 25% more fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph
  • Turn off your engine if your car is stationary for longer than one minute, e.g. when you are in a traffic jam, while waiting for someone, etc.
  • When you are in the supermarket, try to buy the fruit and vegetables that have been grown in your own country, as buying the local food guarantees that the transport costs are lower, the food is likely to be fresher and have more flavour and your choice will help support home industries
  • Why not consider holidaying at home this year? It will not clock up the air miles and you will get to appreciate all that the country has to offer including stunning scenery, natural and built heritage and great entertainment!