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Quick tips

  • When washing your hands and face put the plug in the sink as this uses less water than a running tap
  • Use a glass when brushing your teeth
  • Take a shower instead of a bath - a bath uses as much as 80 litres whereas a shower can use as little as 30 litres. This will also reduce your energy bill as you heat less water
  • Avoid power showers, which can easily use between 8 and 15 litres of water a minute, so a 5 minute shower can use just as much water as a bath
  • Bathe children together
  • Don't rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher - that’s what the dishwasher is for!
  • Changing your cooking habits can also have an impact - instead of boiling you could try steaming. Not only does steaming use a lot less water, it also retains far more nutrients in your food and that can only be good for you
  • A dripping tap can waste up to 30 litres of water per day; fix all drips and leaks that you come across ASAP!
  • Before watering your plants check the weather forecast - it may rain tonight or tomorrow!
  • Know how to turn off your water supply—this could save thousands of litres of water and damage to your home in the event of a pipe burst.