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Belfast Metropolitan College embrace greener living with Eco-Home programme!

Web Administrator   Mon 18 Mar 2013   updated: Tue 22 Sep 2015

Environmental charity TIDY Northern Ireland have teamed up with Belfast Metropolitan College to help tackle climate change. During Climate Week - which ran from March 4th - 10th - the College’s EnviroMET team encouraged staff and students to participate in environmental and sustainable initiatives, and so Belfast City Council and the Eco-Home team visited the college’s Titanic campus on the 7th of March to share information on how the Eco-Home programme could help people save money in the home by acting in more environmentally friendly ways.

The new Eco-Home programme is open to all householders living in the Belfast City Council area, and is supported by Belfast City Council and the Department of the Environment’s Rethink Waste Campaign. This exciting new environmental programme has been created to promote waste prevention and sustainable living to all householders who can register at Participants carry out simple actions and change their environmental behaviours in small ways that can make a big difference. Those who implement the programme should benefit through a reduction in the amount of waste they produce and through money saved from lower fuel and energy bills, whilst at the same time knowing they are helping to save the environment.

Carmel Fyfe, Eco-Schools Manager at TIDY Northern Ireland said: “Eco-Home is not only free to join - it will save you money. Eco-Home is suitable for all type of households and it is wonderful to see staff and students alike at Belfast Metropolitan getting involved and we would encourage every household in Belfast City Council to join them in becoming an Eco-Home too. “

Councillor Pat McCarthy, Chairman of Belfast City Council’s Health and Environmental Services Committee, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting the Eco-Home initiative as it represents a win-win not just for the environment, but for our ratepayers across the city. If every single person even made a small change, it would make a huge difference. Reducing the amount of waste we produce as a city is something the council is committed to and we need to see Belfast’s recycling rate reach at least 50%. This new initiative puts the issue back in the spotlight and is a reminder to people of the benefits of going green.”

Edward Adams from Belfast Metropolitan College said: “Make a change and start saving! The Eco-home programme is a great idea which shows our students that by taking some really simple steps they can not only save money but make a significant contribution to help our environment. The survey is really easy to complete and the scores are a great way of comparing their home with someone else. I expect this initiative will result in some long-term behaviour changes for the better and think more people should be involved.”

Individuals and groups are encouraged to sign up to the programme - Belfast Metropolitan College are a registered group with the Eco-Home programme and a growing number of staff and students continue to register. To register a group contact the Eco-Home team on or phone TIDY Northern Ireland on 028 9073 6920.

How it works

Individual householders can register and complete the Eco-Home Householder Survey 1 online at (or send to TIDY Northern Ireland if completing manually). You will receive a percentage score according to your answers.

Next follow the simple tips under the four themes - waste, water, energy and transport. It is recommended that householders begin with the easiest actions and then progress towards completing the more difficult or time consuming actions over the months that follow.

Finally, complete Householder Survey 2 and find out your new result; it is recommended that you wait 2-3 months before submitting your second survey as this gives an adequate amount of time to properly implement some of the tips to start noticing savings. Householders who register and complete the programme by May 31st will be entered into a prize draw where they will have a chance to win an ‘eco-hamper’ to the value of £75.